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Home gossip Comedian Franchesca Ramsey Divorced Patrick Kondas; Reason Behind The Separation?

Comedian Franchesca Ramsey Divorced Patrick Kondas; Reason Behind The Separation?

KriZna Published On Mon Feb 03 2020   Modified On Mon Feb 03 2020
Comedian Franchesca Ramsey Divorced Patrick Kondas; Reason Behind The Separation?

Franchesca Ramsey is an American YouTuber, vlogger, actress, graphic designer and comedian who is famous for her comedy and vines videos on YouTube as 'Chescaleigh'. The internet personality who often raises voice against racism seems to be single, as of now.

Everyone might be familiar with Franchesca's relationships and the fact that she was once a married woman. They shared a healthy bond, but, what went wrong? What is the reason behind their separation?

Franchesca Married Relation Turned Out As Desired!

Franchesca was once a married woman. She married Patrick Kondas in 2013. Do you know the pair was high school friends? But they fell in love at a friends party after graduation. 

Patrick is a lawyer by profession. He is regarded as one of the knowledgeable lawyers and has a good reputation in his related field. They were a multi-racial couple and became an example to the world that colour or ethnicity doesn't matter in the context of love.

Franchesca Ramsey married former husband, Patrick in 2013 and divorced in 2019
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Franchesca posted a clip of their wedding on her YouTube channel.  

Patrick supported Franchesca in every step in her life, as in an interview he said,

Franchesca is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. I will always support her in her bad and good days. 

Everything seemed perfect and they were an idol couple for the people struggling with a multi-racial relationship. But, what went wrong?

Franchesca and Patrick separated and filed for divorce after five years of marital life. She announced the divorce news via Twitter in July 2019. At first, she mentioned losing two pets and then opened up about her divorce. She disclosed mutual decision as to the reason behind their separation. 

As of now, Franchesca is currently single. 

Franchesca Plans for Babies

While talking about welcoming children, in one of her videos, Franchesca claimed to have a baby of mixed ethnicity. Fans or antagonist even trolled her regarding the topic, as she has no baby till now, though it was posted two years ago.  

In the video, Franchesca fantasizes what the baby would look like as she says,

"I want half mixed kids when they find out my husband is white. The kids will have Big curly hair, big blue eyes"

Though people criticize her in the video, she seems to spread the right message as she raises the topic of no racism when the mixed kids will take racism to extinct.