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Riddhi Published On Sun May 03 2020   Modified On Sun May 03 2020

Facts of Jujimufu


    Body and Relation Status of Jujimufu

    Jujimufu is a famous weightlifter who received a huge recognition after a video of him lifting 100 Lbs while doing chair split went viral. Late on, he also appeared in Season 11 of America's Got Talent, where he showed his talent by lifting Heidi Klum above his head while doing a split.

    Early Life Information

    Jujimufu was born Jon Call in Huntsville, Alabama, on December 9, 1986. He grew up along with two siblings: a brother and a sister. 

    During his childhood days, he used to play lots of video games and other stuff but, later on, he changed his mind to something challenging. When he was at the age of 14, his parents bought him a gym membership after he showed interest in being fit and healthy. And this is how his weightlifting career started.

    Weight Lifting Career

    Jujimufu started taking training and started dieting since 1999. After a year, he started teaching himself tricking, and the same year, he opened the site, where he grew a large community.

    As he grew up, he started combining his talent with bodybuilding and strength building. 

    Weightlifter Jujimufu
    Weightlifter Jujimufu

    Image Source: Xero Shoes

    Jujimufu started his own online coaching business with his skills of combining acrobatics with anabolic workouts. His business, Acrobolix, was created in 2014. He has built himself as a pioneer in the fitness community, and now, he's a social media influencer. 

    Jujimufu does resistance training for six days a week. While for tricks, he practices it for three days a week. For diet, he consumes six meals a day, including a PCF (Protein-Carbs-Fat) ratio of 40:40:20. 

    Body Measurements

    • Height - He is 5 feet 11 inches (180cm) tall.
    • Weight - His body weight is around 235 Ibs (107kg).

    Has A Net Worth Of $2 Million

    The internet sensation and fitness instructor Jujimufu's net worth is $2 million, which he collects from his bodybuilding career as well as from his social media platform.

    As per some of the sources, he makes around $28.6k-$458k per annum from his YouTube videos.

    From his Instagram platform, where he has more than 1.6 million followers, he is supposed to make around $3,306.75 - $5,511.25 per endorsement post.

    Is He Married?

    The 34 years old, Jujimufu is in a marital relationship with a mysterious lady. 

    On February 11, 2017, he shared the video of him along with his partner doing powerlifting together in bed. In the picture, he has captioned the lady as his queen.

    Also, once while being interviewed by some of the reliable sources, he has talked about the couple's goals.